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by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
Winter 1997
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Godspell (1997)
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Fun Facts

This show began a year long celebration of DramaTech's 50th Anniversary.

Where was the Toaster?

Used as a prop and referenced by the demons torturing "the rich man" in hell during "The Rich Man and Lazarus" bit.


1997   -   Best Program Design   -   Jochen 'Je77' Rick
1998   -   Best Set Design   -   Michael Lott
1997   -   Best Lighting Design   -   Christopher Rake
1997   -   Best Actor   -   Mark Strandburg

Other Performances

Godspell (1983)


Brian Baker  -  Judas
Tod Cyr  -  Ensemble
Sharon Schmidt Hart  -  Ensemble
Sean Kilpatrick  -  Ensemble
Helen Kim  -  Ensemble
Heather (Stehman) Lott  -  Ensemble
Robert Lunsford  -  Ensemble
Stacey MacQuilliam  -  Ensemble
Amy Maxwell  -  Ensemble
Kelly Mitchell  -  Ensemble
Larren Murphy  -  Ensemble
Kelly Noland  -  Ensemble
Christy Reed  -  Ensemble
Suzy Robinson  -  Ensemble
Stephen Selfridge  -  Ensemble
Mark Strandburg  -  Jesus
Andy Van Dyke  -  John the Baptist
Ran Deep 'Robby' Walia  -  Ensemble
Jason Wells  -  Ensemble
Leta Woo  -  Ensemble
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Ensemble


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Jimmy Rose  -  Music Director
Tharen Debold  -  Assistant Music Director
Joey Farr  -  Dance Choreographer
Stacia 'Stacey' Rodd  -  Stage Manager
Adam 'CJB' Feingold  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Sally Manning  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Tim 'Dad' McIlvenna  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Lott  -  Set/Visual Designer
David 'Dave' Deshazer  -  Master Carpenter
Christopher Rake  -  Lighting Designer
Brandon Smith  -  Master Electrician
Michelle Callahan  -  Lighting Operator
Brandon Smith  -  Spotlight Operator
Stacey Cochiara  -  Spotlight Operator
Danny Dolan  -  Side Operator
David Darwin Clark  -  Properties Designer
Jennifer Vucic Jordan  -  Costume Designer
Inna Mebel  -  Publicity
Hugh Meyer  -  Publicity
Michael Lott  -  Poster Designer
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Program Designer
Casey Jones  -  House Manager
Casey Jones  -  Box Office Manager
Glen Gordon  -  Piano
Tharen Debold  -  Keyboard
Michael Gray  -  Bass Guitar
Tom Shaw  -  Guitar
Van Biesel  -  Drums
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