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Into the Woods
by Stephen Sondheim
Winter 1996
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Into the Woods (1996)
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Where was the Toaster?

In Cinderella's mother's tree.

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Into the Woods (2005)


Michelle Callahan  -  Sleeping Beauty
Gayle Casey  -  Cinderella
Don DeBord  -  Narrator/Mysterious Man
Jason Egger  -  Cinderella's Father
Sarah Hennessey  -  Snow White
Helen Kim  -  The Witch
Heather (Stehman) Lott  -  Jack's Mother
Jason Loudermilk  -  Steward
Stacey MacQuilliam  -  Florinda
Amanda Malone  -  Baker's Wife
Daniel May  -  Jack
Abe Okie  -  Cinderella's Prince/Wolf
Kristin Patterson  -  Lucinda
Suzy Robinson  -  Little Red Riding Hood
Jimmy Rose  -  Baker
Laurie Scally  -  Cinderella's Stepmother
Anthony A 'Tony' Vila  -  Rapunzel's Prince
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Cinderella's Mother/Little Red's Grandmother/Voice of the Lady Giant
Cherry Wang  -  Rapunzel


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Kristi Hinckley  -  Assistant Director
Jennifer Vucic Jordan  -  Assistant to the Director
Sally Priester  -  Music Director
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Stage Manager
Adam 'CJB' Feingold  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Shelly Manning  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Tim 'Dad' McIlvenna  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Dan Dougherty  -  Set Designer
Ruth Ann 'Rue' Francis  -  Master Carpenter
Tharen Debold  -  Lighting Designer
Jeremy Minor  -  Master Electrician
Hugh Meyer  -  Lighting Operator
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Sound Designer
Claudia Lee  -  Sound Operator
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Effects Designer
Colleen Kehoe  -  Properties Designer
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Costume Designer
Michael Lott  -  Makeup Designer
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Makeup Designer
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Hair and Wigs
Jill Conley  -  Publicity
Karla Jennings  -  Poster Designer
Amy Welch  -  Keyboard
Glen Gordon  -  Synthesizer
Mike Blakeney  -  Bass Guitar
Theresa Browne  -  Flute
Stefan Bernhardt  -  Clarinet
Jeremy Cudd  -  Percussion
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