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by Peter Shaffer
Fall 1995
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Equus (1995)
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Where was the Toaster?

Hung from the grid as a lighting fixture.


Michelle Callahan  -  Nurse
David 'Dave' Deshazer  -  Nugget / Horseman
Kevin Donnelly  -  Dalton / Horse
Gene Hullender  -  Frank Strang
Lori Kessler  -  Horse
Arati Kumtha  -  Horse
Stacey MacQuilliam  -  Jill
Amy Maxwell  -  Hester Salomon
Daniel May  -  Dr. Dysart
Hugh Meyer  -  Alan Strang
Chad Patterson  -  Horse
Jackie Sokowoski  -  Dora Strang


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Laurie Scally  -  Stage Manager
Tim 'Dad' McIlvenna  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Inna Mebel  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Claudia Lee  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Clif McCormick  -  Master Carpenter
Matt Magnasco  -  Carpenter
David Darwin Clark  -  Lighting Designer
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Master Electrician
Chip Whaley  -  Lighting Operator
Jeremy Minor  -  Lighting
David Crossman  -  Sound Designer
Eric Webb  -  Sound Operator
Travis Works  -  Properties
Christa Segers  -  Costume Designer
Jim Davis  -  Mask Construction
Christa Segers  -  Makeup Crewchief
Jill Conley  -  Publicity
Karla Jennings  -  Poster Designer
Karla Jennings  -  Photographer
Kimberly Houck  -  Box Office Manager
Brandon Smith  -  Box Office Manager
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