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by Joe Reese
Spring 1994
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Fun Facts

Part of the Fourth International Theatre Festival

Other Performances

Lunacy (1990)


Lydia Bolen  -  Susan / Diana
Michael Crowe  -  Tony / Jupiter / Zeus


Frank Blocker  -  Director
Robin Eubanks  -  Assistant Director
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor  -  Production Manager
Robin Eubanks  -  Stage Manager
William 'Bill' Landolina  -  Set Designer
Dan Dougherty  -  Master Carpenter
Tharen Debold  -  Lighting Designer
Chris Jordan  -  Lighting Operator
Chris Wren  -  Slide Software
Glen Gordon  -  Sound Designer
Glen Gordon  -  Sound Operator
Stephanie (Muchlock) Degenaar  -  Properties Master
Al Degenaar  -  Properties Master
Nicole Clouser  -  Costume Designer
Vicky A Pickens  -  Festival Publicity Director
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Publicity
Trevor Markley  -  House Manager
Trevor Markley  -  Box Office Manager
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