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The Voice of the Prairie
by John Olive
Spring 1993
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The Voice of the Prairie (1993)
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Fun Facts

Part of the Third International Theatre Festival

Where was the Toaster?

Inside an antique radio set.


Randal Cooper  -  David
Salley-Ann Crider  -  Frances
Troy Halverson  -  Leon
Jonathan MacQueen  -  Davey/James
Ann Marie 'Space' Thomas  -  Susie
Jack Winnick  -  Poppy, and others
Rebecca Woo  -  Frankie


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Robert Casey  -  Stage Manager
Laurie Scally  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Dan Dougherty  -  Set Designer
Paul Patton  -  Master Carpenter
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Lighting Designer
Brandon Smith  -  Lighting Operator
David Darwin Clark  -  Sound Operator
Craig Bryant  -  Properties
David Gibbs  -  Costume Designer
Gayle Casey  -  Publicity
Gordon P Smith  -  Program Layout
Travis Green  -  House Manager
Chuck Sancinito  -  House Manager
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