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Jacques and His Master
by Milan Kundera
Spring 1993
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Fun Facts

Part of the Third International Theatre Festival


Lana Aref  -  Justine
Amanda Canup  -  Agathe's Mother
Randal Cooper  -  Marquis Des Arcis
George Deavours  -  Jacques
Don DeBord  -  Master
Steven F Eley  -  Old Bigre/Constable
Andy Gardner  -  Agathe's Father
Kelly Hartline  -  Daughter
Jonathan MacQueen  -  Young Bigre
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Chevalier de Saint-Ouen
Alison Rampley  -  Mother
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Innkeeper


Greg Thompson  -  Director
Robert Casey  -  Stage Manager
Charles Loflin  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Mary Hyatt  -  Set Designer
Paul Patton  -  Master Carpenter
Lawrence 'Marvin' Sharp  -  Lighting Designer
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Lighting Designer
Becky Oswein  -  Lighting Operator
Brian 'Egon' Smith  -  Sound Designer
Brian 'Egon' Smith  -  Sound Operator
Lawrence 'Marvin' Sharp  -  Properties
Jane Powell  -  Costumes
Jennifer Buhl  -  Makeup Designer
George Deavours  -  Hair and Wigs
Gayle Casey  -  Publicity
Travis Green  -  House Manager
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