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Hunting Cockroaches
by Janusz Glowacki
Winter 1992
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Hunting Cockroaches (1992)
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Fun Facts

Part of the Second International Theatre Festival


Amanda Canup  -  Mrs. Thompson / Immigration Officer
Don DeBord  -  Mr. Thompson / Czesio / Bum
Shira Kapplin  -  She
Travis Wells  -  He
Michael Willoughby  -  Rysio


Tim Haberger  -  Director
Edward Hefter  -  Stage Manager
Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Set Designer
Louise Penberthy  -  Master Carpenter
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Lighting Designer
Lawrence 'Marvin' Sharp  -  Lighting Designer
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise  -  Properties Master
Ann Marie 'Space' Thomas  -  Costume Designer
Pat Arnzen  -  Program Designer
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