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Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury
Fall 1991
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Fahrenheit 451 (1991)
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Fun Facts

The T-shirts for this show were hilariously mis-spelled, leading it to earn the nickname "Farvenheiten 451"

Where was the Toaster?

Stood in for the robotic hunter-killer "dog" in a box on stage.


1991   -   Best Costume Design   -   Jimmy Rose


Jeff Baxter  -  Melville
David Benedict  -  Aristotle
Stacie Booker  -  Alice
Craig Bryant  -  Oscar Wilde
Don DeBord  -  Montag
Ken Grady  -  Tolstoy
Nick Hain  -  Dostoevski
Troy Halverson  -  Holden
Laura Hoffheins  -  Mildred
Cameron Horne  -  First Paramedic
Natalie Hunter  -  Helen
Shira Kapplin  -  Clarisse
Kelly-Ann Kissman  -  St. Exuperey
Glen Kyle  -  Robert Louis Stevenson
Charles Loflin  -  Second Paramedic
George Obath  -  Black
Vicky A Pickens  -  Plato
Cassandra R Rhodes  -  Bronte
Sandra Rousseau  -  Mrs. Hudson
Steven Sams  -  Faber
Laura Hewatt Sukalac  -  Tolkein
Suzanne Tilleman  -  Rostand
Jack Winnick  -  Beatty


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Jonathan MacQueen  -  Assistant Production Manager
Amanda Canup  -  Stage Manager
Dan Puckett  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Brian 'Egon' Smith  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Dan Dougherty  -  Master Carpenter
Thom 'Goose' Sukalac  -  Lighting Designer
Tharen Debold  -  Special Effects Designer
Ken Grady  -  Slide Art
Glen Gordon  -  Sound Designer
Edward Hefter  -  Sound Operator
K.M.F.P. 'Kenn' Leeds  -  Properties
Jimmy Rose  -  Costume Designer
Phillip Seaver  -  Makeup Designer
Vicky A Pickens  -  Publicity
Tharen Debold  -  Program Designer
Jimmy Rose  -  Original Music
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