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by Stephen Schwartz
Spring 1991
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Pippin (1991)
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Where was the Toaster?

The toaster came on stage after the song "War." It was hidden in a shopping cart full of dismembered limbs.

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Ed Anthony  -  Leading Player
Jeff Baxter  -  Player
Whitney Beers  -  Player
Jonathan Brown  -  Lewis
Amanda Canup  -  Catherine
Gayle Casey  -  Player
David Crossman  -  Player
Don DeBord  -  Charles
Michelle Geiger  -  Player
Sheila Coker Gillispie  -  Berthe
Troy Halverson  -  Player
Anisha Joshi  -  Player
Kelly-Ann Kissman  -  Player
Michael Lott  -  Player
Jonathan MacQueen  -  Player
Leah McKenney  -  Fastrada
Angelos Petrakopoulos  -  Player
Jimmy Rose  -  Pippin
Ann Marie 'Space' Thomas  -  Player
James Woodman  -  Theo


Paul Goldberg  -  Director
Ben Lupo  -  Music Director
Dawn Rothstein  -  Dance Choreographer
Janie Liang  -  Stage Manager
John Stefanik  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Amy Van Fleet  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Charles Loflin  -  Assistant Stage Manager
William 'Bill' Landolina  -  Set Designer
Dan Dougherty  -  Master Carpenter
Ryan Mulderig  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Thom 'Goose' Sukalac  -  Lighting Designer
Edward Hefter  -  Low Budget Ninja Spotlight Op
Dan Puckett  -  Low Budget Ninja Spotlight Op
K.M.F.P. 'Kenn' Leeds  -  Properties Master
Sheila Coker Gillispie  -  Costume Designer
Phillip Seaver  -  Makeup Designer
Elise Goldsmith  -  House Manager
Glen Gordon  -  Box Office Manager
Ben Lupo  -  Conductor
Ben Lupo  -  Piano
Glen Gordon  -  Keyboard
Tharen Debold  -  Keyboard
Mark Seconi  -  Bass Guitar
Jim Peliksza  -  Guitar
Neel Murgai  -  Trombone
Chris Basta  -  Drums
Robert Casey  -  Percussion
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