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The Live Wire
by Garson Kanin
Fall 1951
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Fun Facts

Performed in Atlanta Women's Club Auditorium and Ft. MacPherson.

Academic credits awarded for the first time.

DramaTech officially becomes part of the English Department.


Gene Alford  -  Sam Crocker
Bob Cipolat  -  Mitchell Mack
Jay Dougall  -  Granny Schenk
Robert 'Bob' Gold  -  Ev Brogan
Robert N 'Bob' Hutton, III  -  Horace Lindquist
Ruth Hutton  -  Ursula Poe
John Langford  -  Michael Shannon
Russ Leverett  -  Brian Freer
Paul Lieberman  -  Rip Hulett
F W 'Bill' Mitchell  -  Harry Holland
Tony Pelligrino  -  Leo Mack
Dan Santacroze  -  Sol Margolis
Clare Sears  -  Liz Fargo
Tom Severinghaus  -  Mr. Finch
Frank Taylor  -  John Tobey
Nancy Wastler  -  Dorothy Parrish


Mary Nell Ivey 'Coach' Santacroce  -  Director
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