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by Woody Allen
Fall 1990
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God (1990)
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Fun Facts

Does as part of Women in Congress/God

Where was the Toaster?

Carried through by Groucho Marx at the end of the show, during the "Chaos" scene.


1991   -   Best Cameo Performance   -   Ann Marie 'Space' Thomas


Gerry Allen  -  The Writer
Phillip Anderson  -  The Actor
Chet Boncek  -  Stanley / Friend / Man #1
Amanda Canup  -  Chorus / Blanche DuBois
Brian Cupp  -  Chorus
Al Degenaar  -  Chorus
Jean Delobel  -  Western Union Boy
Glen Gordon  -  Lorenzo Miller
Ian Gray  -  Bursitis
Troy Halverson  -  Man #2
Paul Heney  -  Chorus
Shira Kapplin  -  Doris Levine
Tom Kemp  -  Bob Fate
Christopher Kolz  -  Chorus
Kevin Lehde  -  King
Ann-Marie 'Dash' Madeyski  -  Woman #1 / Chorus
Trevor Markley  -  Doctor
Ryan Mulderig  -  Master
Louise Penberthy  -  Wendy Fate
Angelos Petrakopoulos  -  Groucho Marx
Dan Puckett  -  Chorus
Ann Marie 'Space' Thomas  -  Woman #2/Stabbed Woman
Louis Towles  -  Trichinosis
John Tweel  -  Voice of Woody Allen
Amy Van Fleet  -  Chorus
Anthony A 'Tony' Vila  -  Guard


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