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Dark of the Moon
by Howard Richardson and William Berney
Fall 1988
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Dark of the Moon (1988)
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Fun Facts

It was during this show that that the first "Conjur Cave" paper plate aware was given.


Alicia Bannister  -  Third Witch
Marietta Barral  -  Second Witch
Jenifer Burge  -  Mrs. Metcalfe
Amanda Canup  -  First Witch
David 'Dave' Cater  -  Harmonica Player
Don DeBord  -  Preacher
Claude Farmer  -  Uncle Smelicue
Laurie Friedman  -  Mrs. Bergen
Sheila Coker Gillispie  -  Mrs. Allen
Troy Halverson  -  Marvin Hudgens
Edward Hefter  -  Mr. Summey
Kristi Hinckley  -  Greeny
John Howard  -  John
Mark Lamberth  -  Mr. Jenkins
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise  -  Hank Gudger
Steve Meeks  -  Mr. Bergen
Jimmy Rose  -  Mr. Atkins
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Mrs. Summey
Steven Sams  -  Floyd Allen
Wes Schrader  -  Mr. Allen
Peg 'Peggy' Shelton  -  Conjur Woman
Mita Shukla  -  Edna Summey
Pilar Spivey  -  Ella Bergen
John Stefanik  -  Conjur Man
Laura Hewatt Sukalac  -  Barbara
Peter L. 'Happy' Thomas  -  Burt Dinwitty


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Kristi Hinckley  -  Assistant Production Manager
Wes Schrader  -  Assistant Production Manager
Tharen Debold  -  Stage Manager
Janie Liang  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Set Designer
Eric Krueger  -  Master Carpenter
Thom 'Goose' Sukalac  -  Lighting Designer
William 'Bill' Landolina  -  Master Electrician
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Costume Designer
Regi Jennings  -  Costume Designer
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Makeup Designer
Regi Jennings  -  Makeup Designer
Regi Jennings  -  Poster Designer
John Smith  -  House Manager
Steven Sams  -  Music Arrangement
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