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The Mousetrap
by Agatha Christie
Summer 1987
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The Mousetrap (1987)
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Phillip Anderson  -  Christopher Wren
Amanda Canup  -  Molly
Stephen Clifford  -  Mr. Paravicini
Joel Fowler  -  Jiles
Mike Helba  -  Sgt. Trotter
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise  -  Major Metcalf
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Mrs. Boyle
Patricia Thorton  -  Ms. Casewell


Terry Kozlowski  -  Director
Glenn Kauffman  -  Stage Manager
Kevin Pearson  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor  -  Master Carpenter
Thom 'Goose' Sukalac  -  Lighting
David 'Dave' Carter  -  Sound
Marc Levinson  -  Properties
Jeff Wiggins  -  Costumes
Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Makeup Designer
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor  -  Publicity
Ann-Marie 'Dash' Madeyski  -  Publicity
Frank Li  -  Poster Designer
Jonathan Musser  -  House Manager
John Smith  -  House Manager
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