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Sly Fox
by Larry Gelbart
Fall 1986
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Sly Fox (1986)
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Jenifer Burge  -  Crouch's Servant
Kyl T Cobb  -  First Policeman
Joel Fowler  -  Lawyer Craven
Mike Helba  -  Sly's Servant #1
John Howard  -  Simon Able
Craig Allen Kittner  -  Chief of Police
Carmen Lee  -  Court Clerk
Bert Lyons  -  Abner Truckle
Kristen McCubbin  -  Mrs. Truckle
Heather Reed  -  Miss Fancy
Ben Scales  -  Captain Crouch
John F Smith  -  Third Policeman
Scott Sophos  -  Foxwell Sly
Beth Vinson  -  Sly's Servant #3
Jeff Wiggins  -  Second Policeman/Bailiff
Sarah Willis  -  Sly's Servant #2
Tony Wright  -  Jethro Crouch


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Mark Humphlett  -  Stage Manager
Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Set Designer
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor  -  Master Carpenter
William 'Bill' Landolina  -  Lighting Designer
Greg Ansley  -  Master Electrician
William 'Bill' Landolina  -  Lighting
Greg Ansley  -  Lighting
David Willens  -  Properties
Sonya Arundar  -  Costumes
Heather Hood  -  Makeup Designer
Stephen Alexander  -  Publicity
Jorge de la Cova  -  Poster Designer
Heather Hood  -  Typesetting
Will McGeorge  -  Typesetting
Will McGeorge  -  Box Office Manager
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