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Play It Again Sam
by Woody Allen
Summer 1982
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Play It Again Sam (1982)
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Heather Bell  -  Linda Christie
Susan Brewer  -  Sharon Lake
Karen Collins  -  Dream Sharon
Anne Ford  -  Girl in Disco
Joel Goldberg  -  Humphrey Bogart
Patty Guenthner  -  Vanessa
Margaret Joseph  -  Nancy
Nancy Lewis  -  Intellectual Girl
Phyllis Lovett  -  Gina
Mike Payne  -  Dick Christie
Dianna (Humphrey) Peet  -  Barbara Tyler
Chuck Smith  -  Allan Felix


Lisa Berson  -  Director
Steve Roberts  -  Technical Director
Ray Squires  -  Stage Manager
David 'Tooch' Martucci  -  Lighting Designer
Ray Squires  -  Sound Designer
Susan Brewer  -  Properties
L A 'Pete' Blair  -  Costume Designer
Gay McLarin  -  Makeup Designer
Marie Ashby  -  Makeup Designer
Lisa Berson  -  Poster Designer
John Howard  -  Poster Designer
Mary Rusmisel  -  Box Office Manager
Teresa Thaxton  -  Box Office Manager
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