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by Bruce Jay Friedman
Winter 1982
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Steambath (1982)
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Bill Bennett  -  Longshoreman
John Burke  -  Oldtimer
Dan Carey  -  Tandy
Mark Gaudio  -  Flanders
John Howard  -  Attendant
Barbara Hubbard  -  Meredith
Tom Mears  -  Young Man
Sunday Palmer  -  Young Girl
Deleted Person  -  Bieberman
Deleted Person  -  Gottlieb
Chuck Smith  -  Young Man
Jack Winnick  -  Broker


Paul 'Animal' Fritz  -  Producer
David Califf  -  Director
Lisa Berson  -  Assistant Director
Charles Powell  -  Technical Director
Alan Parish  -  Dance Choreographer
David 'Tooch' Martucci  -  Stage Manager
Karen Collins  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Steve Roberts  -  Master Carpenter
Robert Cole  -  Master Electrician
Don Fredricks  -  Lighting Crew Chief
William 'Bill' Landolina  -  Special Effects Designer
Ray Squires  -  Sound Crew Chief
Cynthia 'C3' Cauley  -  Technical Crew
Henry Lyautey  -  Properties
L A 'Pete' Blair  -  Costumes
Greg Swadener  -  Makeup Crewchief
Cynthia 'C3' Cauley  -  Publicity Crew Chief
Deleted Person  -  Poster Designer
Alan Parish  -  Poster Designer
Henry Lyautey  -  Photographer
Mary Mers  -  House Manager
John Bell  -  Box Office Manager
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