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DT Banquet - Awards for 2010

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Best Show - Producers, The - Rachel White
Best Poster Design - Pillowman, The - Catherine Quesenberry
Best Program Design - Producers, The - Morgan Miller
Best Properties Design - Producers, The - Brittany (Roberts) Pryby
Best Sound Design - Pillowman, The - Tejas Kotak
Best Costume Design - Producers, The - Katie Zimmerman
Best Male Ensemble - Producers, The - Brian Webber
Best Female Ensemble - Producers, The - Heidi F. Khalil
Best Set Design - Deathtrap - Tamil Periasamy
Best Lighting Design - Pillowman, The - Lauren O'Keefe
Best Supporting Actor - Producers, The - Daniel Wilson
Best Supporting Actress - Deathtrap - Brittany (Roberts) Pryby
VarietyTech Most Valuable Performer - Katie Mashni
Let's Try This! Rookie of the Year - Maggie Markey
Let's Try This! Lifetime Achievement - Robert Lowe
Best Actor - Producers, The - Michael 'Scream' Sullivan
Best Actress - Pillowman, The - Brittany (Roberts) Pryby
DramaTech Scholarship - Bret Brammer
DramaTech Scholarship - Douglas 'Dougie' Abrams
DramaTech Scholarship - Morgan Miller
Rookie of the Year - Bret Brammer
Dean James E. Dull Service Award - Paul Cottongim
William C. Landolina Meritorious Service Award - Jessica Gibson
Mary Nell Santacroce Meritorious Service Award - Scott McGraw
Murder Mystery MVP - Tim Scott
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