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The George P. Burdell Variety Hour
Spring 2017
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First Impressions

A Public Discourse on Issues of the Modern Bathroom

I've Got This Friend, Part 1

You'll Be Back

3 Walls No Blinds

The Chatty Fight

DramaTech Tap Troupe

Dangerous Game

I've Got This Friend, Part 2

Racism in America

The Third Secret

Shantay, You Slay


Where was the Toaster?

In the pile of props for 3 Walls No Blinds


2017   -   Best Variety Hour Act   -   Ben Hirsch
2017   -   Best Variety Hour Act   -   Miranda Fyfe
2017   -   Best Variety Hour Act   -   Connor Sofia
2017   -   Best Variety Hour Act   -   Kevin Qian


Anna Bass  -  Performer
Caleigh Derreberry  -  Performer
Amy Doneff  -  Performer
Nishat Firoj  -  Performer
Miranda Fyfe  -  Performer
Ben Hepburn  -  Performer
Ben Hirsch  -  Performer
Sam Holtzen  -  Performer
Bryce Irvin  -  Performer
Jessica Kline  -  Performer
Harrison Larkins  -  Host/Performer
Marcelles Lowery  -  Performer
Brooke Miller  -  Performer
Tyndal Mitchell  -  Host
James Nugent  -  Performer
Max Poff  -  Performer
Samuel Puckett  -  Performer
Kevin Qian  -  Performer
Emma Schroer  -  Performer
Meg Schurmann  -  Performer
Connor Sofia  -  Performer
Clay Sublett  -  Performer
Skyler Tordoya  -  Performer
Dillon Weeks  -  Performer


William Penniman  -  Director
Joan Chen  -  Stage Manager
Jamie Hannukainen  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Megan Huber  -  Assistant Stage Manager
James Nugent  -  Set Designer
Kaitlin Burke  -  Master Carpenter
Sean Bradley  -  Lighting Designer
Tamara Tsubota  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
David Howard  -  Master Electrician
Jennifer Zhang  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Kyle Holstein  -  Lighting Operator
Lexy Rile  -  Spotlight Operator
Will Anderson  -  Spotlight Operator
Bryce Irvin  -  Video Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  Sound Designer
Karan Khosla  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Chad Turner  -  Sound Engineer
Steven Hendry  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Kevin Zhu  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Madeline Helmstadter  -  Sound Operator
Jamie Hannukainen  -  Audio Assistant
Joan Chen  -  Audio Assistant
Gabe Waksman  -  Properties Designer
Camille Pettit  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Julia Nikolich  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Megan Shaffer  -  Costume Designer
Madeline McCanless  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Megan Shaffer  -  Costume Mistress
Miranda Fyfe  -  Poster Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  Program Designer
Steven Hendry  -  House Manager
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