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The Taming
by Lauren Gunderson
Fall 2016
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The Taming (2016)
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Where was the Toaster?

Held by Katherine in the portrait, in Bianca's phone wallpaper


2017   -   Best Sound Design   -   Sam Holtzen


Miranda Fyfe  -  Bianca
Asheley McMillan  -  Katherine
Meg Schurmann  -  Patricia


Melissa Foulger  -  Director
William Penniman  -  Assistant Director
Marcelles Lowery  -  Choreographer
Connor Sofia  -  Stage Manager
Tamara Tsubota  -  Assistant Stage Manager
James Nugent  -  Set Designer
Alice Zheng  -  Assistant Set Designer
Thompson Bertron  -  Master Carpenter
Katie Zong  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Jennifer Zhang  -  Lighting Designer
Lexy Rile  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
David Howard  -  Master Electrician
Kyle Holstein  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Josh Bishop  -  Operator
Camille Pettit  -  Operator
Alice Zheng  -  Video Designer
James Nugent  -  Assistant Video Designer
Sam Holtzen  -  Sound Designer
Nick Bond  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Morgan Tinkler  -  Sound Engineer
Joan Chen  -  Sound Engineer
Kevin Zhu  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Gabe Waksman  -  Properties Designer
Will Kao  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  Costume Designer
Delaney Beckner  -  Costume Mistress
Caroline Ware  -  Makeup Grip
Kat Hueber  -  Poster Designer
Caleigh Derreberry  -  Program Designer
Luke 'Cool Hands' Schussler  -  Grip
Madeline McCanless  -  Grip
Madeline Helmstadter  -  House Manager
Copyright 2011 Friends of Dramatech