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VarietyTech/Let's Try This!
Fall 2013
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Where was the Toaster?

During the number "Omigod You Guys" Bruiser, the dog, enters the scene on the toaster. It was referred to as ToasterDog.


2014   -   Best Lighting Design   -   Kevin Sabato


Ty Autry  -  Ensemble
Freddy Boyd  -  LTT! Player
Elizabeth 'Liz' Burns  -  Ensemble
Alexa Carleo  -  Ensemble
Jonathan Edwards  -  "Boy"
Matt Edwards  -  Ensemble
Jayme Holmes  -  Trifecta
Sam Holtzen  -  Ensemble
Micah Hosford  -  Ensemble
Blaise Hymel  -  LTT! Player
Paul E Jackson  -  LTT! Player
Connor Kisling  -  LTT! Player
Tyler Mender  -  LTT! Player
Emma O'Bryant  -  Ensemble
Alex Pennington  -  LTT! Player
Kevin Qian  -  Ensemble
Nathaniel Robinson  -  Ensemble
S Gabrielle Roty  -  Trifecta
Megan Wartell  -  Trifecta
Diana Winecoff  -  "Girl"


Ryan Evans  -  Director
Ryan Croom  -  Music Director
Jayme Holmes  -  Dance Choreographer
Alex Pennington  -  Let's Try This! Director
Katie Snyder  -  Stage Manager
Joan Chen  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Samantha Bartlett  -  Set Designer
Taylor Powell  -  Master Carpenter
Julia Nailor  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Kevin Sabato  -  Lighting Designer
Christina Herd  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Nathan Edwards  -  Master Electrician
David Howard  -  Assistant Master Electrician
William Higgins  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Sean Bradley  -  Lighting Operator
Gilbert Dominguez  -  Sound Designer
Kristen Hansen  -  Sound Engineer
Morgan Tinkler  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Amritha Ram  -  Sound Operator
Julia Nailor  -  Properties Designer
Kyle Zimmerman  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Keaira Banks  -  Costume Designer
Melissa Rust  -  Costume Mistress
Pearl Ong  -  Poster Designer
Alex Pennington  -  Program Designer
Katie Snyder  -  Assistant Program Designer
David Howard  -  House Manager
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