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A Logic Named Joe
by Murray Leinster
Spring 2012
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A Logic Named Joe (2012)
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Fun Facts

Performed as part of A Twisted Reality

Where was the Toaster?

Used as a foley prop to make the question lever noise of the Logic.


2012   -   Best Studio Show
2012   -   Best Actor, Studio Show   -   Jonathan Pelc
2012   -   Best Supporting Actor, Studio Show   -   Matt 'MC' Carroll


Matt 'MC' Carroll  -  Korlanovitch/Mike/Drunk
Micah Hosford  -  Laurine/Wife/Buddy
Lauren 'Rook' Jarrett  -  Gert/Agnes/Freddie
Daniel O'Rourke  -  Logic/Host/Narrator
Jonathan Pelc  -  Frank
John Quinn  -  Sargent/Boss/Bartender/Charlie


Andy Bliss  -  Director
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