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The Count of Monte Cristo
by Charles Morey
Fall 2010
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The Count of Monte Cristo (2010)
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Where was the Toaster?

1. Carved into the stones next to the stage right arch.
2. Carried on as one of the possible weapon choices for the duel.


2011   -   Best Male Ensemble   -   David Quigley
2011   -   Best Supporting Actress   -   Maria DeCotis
2011   -   Best Actor   -   Brian Webber


Julie Braden  -  Heloise de Villefort
Preston Cobb  -  Caderousse/Bandit/Party Guest/Soldier
Jay Danner  -  Eugene Danglars
Felix Dasgupta  -  Albert Mondego/Servant to de Villefort
Maria DeCotis  -  Haydee
Katie Delle Donne  -  Eugenie Danglars
Chris Gilbert  -  Gerard de Villefort
Jonathan Hardin  -  Guard 1/Party Guest
Blaise Hymel  -  Debray
Phil Lacasse  -  General/Party Guest
Preston Mayo  -  Maximilian Morrell/Dantes Double/Bandit
Julia Odum  -  Valentine de Villefort
Tamil Periasamy  -  Abbe Faria
David Quigley  -  Julian Morrell/Magistrate/Bandit/Party Guest
S.J. Ralston  -  Hermione Danglars
Andrew Seckers  -  Benedetto
Lee Ellen Thornton  -  Mercedes
Joshua Tuttle  -  Guard 2/Soldier-Act One/Servant to Danglars
Brian Webber  -  Edmond Dantes/the Count of Monte Cristo
Samuel S. Whited  -  Fernand Mondego


Melissa Foulger  -  Director
David Quigley  -  Fight Choreographer
Graham P Sweeney  -  Stage Manager
Jonathan Pelc  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Sam Hunter  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Drew Meloan  -  Set Designer
Bret Brammer  -  Assistant Set Designer
Morgan Miller  -  Assistant Set Designer
Andrew Nemchik  -  Master Carpenter
David Moroniti  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Joshua Mysona  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Sophia Fisher  -  Lighting Designer
Ankit Kaushik  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Thomas Copeland  -  Master Electrician
Jorge L Nessi  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Stephanie Chan  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Marcos Victor Mirabent  -  Lighting Operator
Tejas Kotak  -  Sound Designer
Alexandra Low  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Kevin Sabato  -  Sound Operator
Solace Collestan  -  Sound Consultant
Travis Gasque  -  Properties Designer
Joseph Carter  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Jonida Beqo  -  Costume Designer
Divya Varahabhetla   -  Makeup Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Poster Designer
Samuel S. Whited  -  Program Designer
Daniel O'Rourke  -  Stagehand
Steven Touchton  -  Stagehand
Copyright 2011 Friends of Dramatech