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Mid-Evil Crimes
by Will Wright
Spring 2009
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Mid-Evil Crimes (2009)
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Fun Facts

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre


Douglas 'Dougie' Abrams  -  Arthur (Artie) Nobelle / The Squire
Andy Bliss  -  George P. Nobelle / Sir Lee the Drunkard
Carlin Bright  -  Nicole (Nickel) Daggit
Courtney Brown  -  Donna Prima / Queen Mona Arch
Alan Campbell  -  Phil Phratner / Lord Putzceval the Black Knight
Melinda Ellington  -  Claire Voyant / Chrystal Ball the Sooth Sayer
Aurel Lazar  -  Lou T. Nutt / Semimodo the Hunchback of Britain Hall
Aditya 'Deech' Madhavan  -  Inspector Daggit
Andrew Nemchik  -  Princeton Nobelle / King Aristocraticles
Amanda Nummy  -  Gaffney Black
Alex Pennington  -  Chester / Court Jester
David Quigley  -  Hoyt E. Toyte / Sir Galantivere the White Knight
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Petra Kipur / Animal Trainer
Brian Webber  -  Sir Ghetts Laidalot
Katie Zimmerman  -  Wendy Airhead / Princess Ditzerella


Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Director
Aubrie Lee Wright  -  Assistant Director
Christopher Luu  -  Assistant to the Director
Samuel S. Whited  -  Stage Manager
Keller Smith  -  Microphone Operator
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Costume Mistress
Weston Packard  -  Poster Designer
Jun Yan Wee  -  Poster Designer
Morgan Miller  -  Poster Designer
Morgan Miller  -  Program Designer
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