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DT Executive Council for 2017

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President - Julia Nikolich
President - Kushal Shankar
Business Manager - Julia Nikolich
Business Manager - Lexie Scott
Production Manager - Megan Shaffer
Marketing Director - Katie Zong
Secretary - Skyler Tordoya
Member At Large - Wade Sheldon
Member At Large - Kenny Crane-Moscowitz
Member At Large - Alex Boulware
Historian - Madeline Helmstadter
Let's Try This! Leader - Tyndal Mitchell
Let's Try This! Production Manager - Will Anderson
Artistic Director - Melissa Foulger
Banquet Chair - Wade Sheldon
Open House Chair - Miranda Fyfe
Technical Director - Keith Hinze
Technical Services Council - Chad Turner
Technical Services Council - Kaitlin Burke
Archivist - Kaitlin Burke
Lame Duck Committee Chair - William Penniman
PPM Committee Chair - Kyle Holstein
PPM Committee Chair - Skyler Tordoya
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